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Fernando A. Lu

Managing Director, Man Automotive Concessionaires Corporation

Through the efforts of the Chamber to provide updates and business connections to its members, ECCP has been a good source of information during this challenging time especially on government efforts in supporting businesses in the Philippines. It was an avenue for MACC to learn and cope through the various trainings and webinars. With ECCP's endeavors, its members gained access to the various business efforts in promoting good business among its members.

Mark Anthony Tamayo

Partner, Mata-Perez, Tamayo & Francisco

ECCP is the voice of its members on a wide array of economic and business issues, legislative measures and administrative regulations. It is an effective advocate not just to protect the interest of its members, but to fulfill and secure the goals of the country’s national interest. As the current chair of the customs sub-committee, it is gratifying to be accorded the opportunity to share knowledge and experience with the members. Our firm’s membership with the Chamber opened the doors to great network opportunities and resources to people and organizations from diverse industry groups.

Roberto R. Almazora

Senior Vice President & Head, MPower (Meralco Local Retail Electricity Supplier)

Our partnership has always been one of our dependable avenues when it comes to expanding our network and fostering new partnerships, especially as a key player in a highly competitive and dynamic space. In the several initiatives we have been a part of, we have had profound and valuable experiences that helped shape how we do our business in MPower. As the paradigm on the energy industry continues to shift, we put more value in our involvement in ECCP’s dedicated Energy Committee as they continue to lead meaningful dialogues and pursue endeavors relevant to the changing landscape we are in.

Paz Malubay

Partner & Head of Business Process Solutions, P&A Grant Thornton

The ECCP has been providing a big help to our business during this global crisis because they have given us a lot of opportunities to learn through the many webinars they organize for their members. The advisory from the chamber is also helpful to keep us updated on all the initiatives by the organization to help businesses. It feels good that somebody is working for the business community. We appreciate the updates from the government and COVID-19 news from the chamber.

Morten Fabrin

Chief Executive Officer, Pacifictech Solutions Inc.

Pacifictech Solutions has been a member of ECCP since 2013. We stayed as a member of ECCP because they give us access to a local and global network of businesses that opens doors to new opportunities and initiates future collaboration. It has been a fruitful journey that has strengthened our stand in the Philippine and European business community. We truly appreciate their commitment to keep their members engaged during this difficult time. ECCP has always been a provider of good business support and we are looking forward to more years with them.

Lilibet Amatong

Chief Operating Officer, Publicus Asia, Inc.

We pride ourselves in claiming Publicus Asia, Inc. as the first, and probably still is the only registered lobbying firm in the Philippines. We need to be always abreast with issues and national policy directions. ECCP provides a venue to elevate economic and political discourses clinically. ECCP is not only responsive, but even anticipates its membership’s needs. Most importantly, ECCP offers a respite that maintains a steady flow of positive energies that is easily contagious --a much-needed reserve to keep us on course to recovery and be confident in meeting new realities.

Nicandro Linao

Chairman and Managing Director, Sta. Clara International Corporation

Not just staying abreast but keeping ahead of the times made ECCP at the forefront of our daily source of input and valuable insights into our business considerations. The current pandemic crisis was proof of ECCP’s continuing efforts to serve its membership. The myriad of information that was imparted to our team through all the forums and webinars that was conducted proved very vital during those early times of uncertainty and apprehension. We will continue to salute ECCP’s dedication to serving the group and our country as a whole.

Dr. Elizabeth Quirino-Lahoz

President, Technological Institute of the Philippines

We are grateful that T.I.P is a member of the ECCP because of the value-adding sharing from the ECCP webinars. The webinars have provided critical and vital information needed by an institution to survive this pandemic and still remain strong after. The learnings have made us better equipped to perform reengineered duties in this new normal.T.I.P. shall continue to be an active partner of ECCP. We look forward to more engagements with the organization, especially towards more networking and partnership opportunities with its nearly 800 members.

Junie S. Del Mundo

Chief Execuitve, The EON Group

Our clients look to us for expert advice on how to navigate complicated situations. We must foster a culture of curiosity within the company that allows us to look at multiple outcomes and help strategize for and with our clients. ECCP has helped us tremendously in supplementing our knowledge about critical industries and the disruptions happening within and around them. We trust ECCP to provide proactive content for the emerging ones that will shape the conversations of the future. I am positive that EON's synergy with ECCP will bring us closer to our shared goals and aspirations.

Josef Werker

Managing Director, The Penbrothers International Inc.

The support from ECCP has been a tremendous help throughout, providing Penbrothers with opportunities to connect with global enterprises and provide them with remote teams in the Philippines to help them scale. As a member since 2018, the vast network that ECCP has given Penbrothers has allowed us to push boundaries and achieve our goals. Penbrothers is an organization that offers equal opportunities to foreign companies & Filipino talent. The ECCP has proven reliable and consistent, especially in this pandemic where it has never been so important to be able to give Filipinos access to jobs.

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