Business & Technical Support

In order for your company to streamline its operations, ECCP provides Business Technical Support services such as Consultancy, Accounting, VAT refund services, and even office spaces to fit your needs.


The ECCP has a pool of legal experts to assist you in specific legal inquiries such as Immigration, Business registration, Investments, and other legal business concerns.


To be efficient in your company’s financial performance, the ECCP has a finance team who can handle all accounting-related matters like bookkeeping, tax preparation, payroll, and auditing.


We can help your company refund all your VAT expenses from your cross-border activities. The processing and coordination costs shall be shouldered by our partner.

Your company and its subsidiaries can recover VAT on business expenses such as:

  • Fuel (airline refueling included) and Aviation Logistics
  • Road tolls and road user charge
  • Travel and Transportation expenses, such as taxi fares and public transport fares
  • DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) Import VAT (Value Added Tax)
  • Accommodations
  • Food, drinks, and restaurant services
  • Admission to fairs, exhibitions, conventions, forums, and the like
  • Expenditures on luxuries, amusements, and entertainment
  • Supply Chain activities – goods, materials, and equipment ordered abroad and professional services
  • Rentals and other services of the businesses in foreign countries being paid for by a Philippine company
  • Mobile and Telecommunications; and others


We execute Human Resource Recruitment and placement services to match companies with the right professionals and talent pool.


We offer a wide range of space solutions from meeting rooms to workspaces that can help provide a company with a safe and flexible work location within the Philippines.

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