Member Stories

Windel Diangcalan

Executive Director, Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA)

Building institutions and developing human resources capacity are the key accomplishments of the Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA) established in 2002. ECCP believes the strategic relevance of the agency as an important partner to bridge the public and private sectors in uplifting the socio-economic condition of the Bangsamoro carrying its new brand as BDA Inc. ECCP and BDA Inc. acknowledge the role of the private sector to boost the economic status of the Bangsamoro communities. During the global health pandemic, ECCP demonstrates its leadership by keeping its members intact and resilient.

Atty. Kenneth Tamala

Senior Partner, Southern Block Law/BNTB Law (Bacal Namalata Tamala Bidad)

The ECCP has provided us with relevant actionable information that made a huge difference in our ability to effectively continue serving our clients here in Northern Mindanao and Mindanao. The pandemic has brought to the fore a unique set of problems and concerns that severely hampered many corporate entities in Mindanao and Region 10. The timely information provided by the ECCP and its members on the many and different aspects of the pandemic has further enabled our law firm to assist our corporate and business clients navigate, respond to, and face, this public health emergency.

Hany Constantin

Director, Constant Integrated Project Development (CIPD)

I was pleasantly surprised by the speed and effectiveness of the ECCP to adapt and turn the difficulties of the pandemic into an opportunity. The variety of subjects and quality of presenters that came to share their experience in multiple webinars were a source of valuable information and guidance; the subjects and speakers consistently exceeded my expectations that I made a point to attend as many webinars as my schedule allowed. ECCP’s wide reach and professional offerings makes it a valuable partner to any Filipino business in these challenging times we live in.

Atty. Alberto Jesus T. Muyot

Chief Executive Officer, Save The Children Philippines Inc.

Save the Children Philippines is honored to partner with the ECCP, an organization that shares our vision of creating lasting change for children. We sincerely thank the ECCP for its vital role and contribution to our fundraising initiatives and emergency responses, as well as for allowing us to use its platforms to amplify our calls for support. As a business leader, the ECCP’s vast network and influence can help us reach many children who need help. With the continued support of the ECCP, we can do more to fulfill the rights of every child and make this world a better place for children.

Gabriel D. Medina

Sales Manager, Asian Bridge Express Inc.

I would like to express my unwavering support to all the policies, trainings and advocacies that the ECCP is aiming to successfully achieve; the goal to continuously be a platform of ideas, ideals, and where like-minded individuals and organizations can meet, collaborate and grow. Through the non-stop trainings, seminars and meetings where we discuss, tackle and hopefully find solutions to the problems that we, as a global community, are facing no matter what industry or walk of life. I have no doubt that being part of this community is an asset that my company and I value.

Christina Stieber

Commercial Counsellor, Austrian Embassy Commercial Section Advantage Austria

ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Manila provides a broad range of business development services for Austrian companies stepping into the Philippine market. Being among the first to know about new developments in the business landscape here in the Philippines and at the same time being able to highlight different approaches and to discuss solutions for international companies, is what makes participating in ECCP Committees so valuable. Thus, ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA can make good on its commitment towards our member companies to support them in this thriving market.

Patricia Bunye

Deputy Managing Partner, Cruz Marcelo & Tenefrancia

I appreciate how ECCP has continued providing many opportunities for professional growth and business development even as we work from home. The various committees are also valuable sources of information and the level of engagement has not diminished even in these challenging times.

Mia Santamaria-Abela

Economic and Commercial Advisor, Embassy of The Kingdom of Belgium (Walloon Export And Foreign Investment Promotion Agency - Manila)

As one of the pioneer members, the ECCP has been a resource and support to our organization in promoting trade between Belgium and the Philippines. Through this challenging time, our partnership with ECCP has been more vital. The daily advisories on COVID-19 and the series of webinars provide invaluable sources of information that keep us abreast with the latest developments in the country and connect us with industry stakeholders. With its long history of dynamic leadership and influence, we are proud to be a part of this strong organization.

Atty. Carmen Lazaro

, Fortun Narvasa & Salazar Law Offices

Never before has our Firm’s membership in the ECCP become more significant than during the COVID 19 pandemic. The ECCP has given information on how businesses navigate through ordeals and resolve issues in this crisis. It has shown through its activities that there is a common key to surviving and thriving in this pandemic - to adapt, evolve, and embrace the challenges. As we transition in a changing and uncertain time, we will be implementing innovative and strategic measures we have learned from the ECCP to ensure that we survive and thrive in our legal practice in this time of disruption.

Sheila Lobien

ECCP Women in Business Committee Chair / Chief Executive Officer, Lobien Realty Group

It has been a productive, impactful and fun ride with ECCP the past 12 years. It was very challenging but productive to chair the ECCP Women in Business Committee. We made a mark by highlighting that women in business are more than ready to continue demanding more seats, space and voice at the table. The founding of Lobien Realty Group is my best personal example. The impact is noticeable by the growing number of participants in this Committee. ECCP and the WBC have become an avenue for women members to learn from each other, seek mentors and friends, network with other women business leaders.

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