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Lylah Ledonio

Executive Director, Leechui Property Consultants, Inc.

As the newly-elected chair of the Real Estate Committee of the ECCP, we are proud to partner with the ECCP under its first real estate arm. We view our membership through this joint advocacy as a valuable investment; in creating solutions and building a platform of idea exchange and best practices amid such an unprecedented global crisis. In the spirit of collaboration, we remain committed to bringing together key players, insights, and related data that will serve as a guide to making business decisions in real estate.

Michael Kurt Raeuber

Chairman and Group Chief Executive Officer, Royal Cargo, Inc.

We have been with the ECCP for almost 20 years, given the ECCP's professional approach to commercial and political matters. The ECCP has unmatched reach, historically-developed relationships, and experience. Upgrading to a premium membership is an investment into the ECCP’s advocacy prowess and assurance to be heard by the government, due to the ECCP’s well-developed relationships. Our membership facilitated joint advocacies shared and expanded not only through the ECCP, Integrity Initiative, and JFC, but other European chambers as well, opening doors to harvesting opportunities in differentiating our services.

Sarah Mcleod

Managing Director, Q2 HR Solutions

As a long time member of the ECCP when the COVID-19 lockdown began, it was challenging for us all to even think about how our membership would help us. Over the ensuing weeks, I began to rely on the regular updates about what was happening, trusting that the team had done their research. We used the data shared from the research team to assist us in making good business decisions and conversations with the teams in our company. Sharing the latest industry updates with our clients, in turn, helped them.

Anders Dahl

Executive Vice President/Country Head - Philippines, SAAB

With the lockdown of Metro Manila in mid March, we at SAAB were faced with a situation where we had to close the office and key personnel had to leave Manila and the Philippines. With support from ECCP, I have now managed to address the situation with DTI and DFA. Hopefully I will receive a visa shortly that will allow me to return to Manila and support our local staff and customers in the Philippines despite that foreigners are not allowed to enter the country.

Atty. Maria Angela Esquivel

Asia Corporate Affairs Director, Alaska Milk Corporation

The ECCP has been instrumental in helping us cope with challenges during this pandemic, especially at the height of ECQ. Through its webinars, which were even offered for free to its members, it has provided us avenues to collaborate with each other, share our points of views and collective sentiments, and communicate and negotiate with relevant government stakeholders to find workable and mutually beneficial solutions for most of our pressing concerns. At a time when the world is suddenly hit by an unforeseen adversary, nothing beats collective efforts and the ECCP made this happen!

James Carlos Buskowitz

Chief Executive Officer, Buskowitz Energy

We are humbled and at the same time privileged to be an essential service during these times. Though the platform for networking, seminars, and meetings has changed, one thing that has continued is the ECCP’s community, of which we are proud to be a part. We are honored to be included in a collective of both international and national industry leaders who continue to learn from each other and work together to improve our economy, help boost the livelihood of our fellow countrymen, and create a more sustainable future for the Philippines.

Garrick Thompson

Senior Sales Manager, Federal Express Pacific, LLC

Strong connectivity. This is the driving force of both FedEx Express and the ECCP. We share a common vision – to provide robust and unparalleled connections in and out of Europe. Even during these times, we truly appreciate the ECCP for staying committed and dedicated as advocates of resilience. We highly value our membership with the ECCP because it allows us to stay connected to the European business community as we seek to understand how we can continue to support our fellow members to navigate during these challenging times through optimizing their supply chains.

Maria Celestina Lee

Managing Director, Ipsos Inc.

We have always regarded the ECCP as an important partner. It is a consistent source of information on policies, business news, and potential alliances with other organizations. During the pandemic, our partnership with them grew from strength to strength, united by a common purpose: providing businesses with accurate and relevant information to help members make informed decisions. We will continue to collaborate with the ECCP in webinars about changing consumer attitudes & behavior, improving customer experience, and the socio-economic forces, sparking conversations with fellow members.

Ederine Gee Geneblazo

Managing Director, Rentokil Initial Philippines, Inc.

As a global company based in the UK, being a member of a well-known chamber is a good start. It compliments your reputation and credibility and it also helps in making connections with local and multinational companies in the Philippines. The ECCP has extended more than that, from the steady access of information and policies, industry trends, to the most relevant issues. The ECCP has provided an avenue for opportunities and partnership. We are a proud member of the ECCP and we continue to stay true to our commitment in protecting people and enhancing lives with the help of partners like them.

Werner Berger

Chief Executive Officer, Werdenberg International Corporation

We continue to support ECCP apart from being member for many years now, as it helps us to increase our visibility, generating referrals and leading to new opportunities. I am confident that ECCP is a great avenue for quality networking and Building a long term relationship. Let us not forget that most of the strongest friendships started from networking in the business world. ECCP keeps you informed and updated, regularly providing the latest information’s, like highlighting upcoming legal requirements or technological advancements.

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