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Ma. Cristina “Mikee” Joyas

Business Development Officer, Webb Fontaine Asia, Inc.

I have learned a lot from the recent Negotiation Skills Workshop For the “New Normal” Business Environment. Clive is very enthusiastic during our 4-day session despite of the different training set up and he also encouraged us to practice our Negotiation Skills even in our daily lives. Every start of our session there are recaps that will remind us of how our previous went which I find it very helpful because at least we can go back and see if the notes that I have written is not just notes but somehow I’ve remembered the training clearly. Kudos to Clive and ECCP!

Khim Hazzel Muli

Senior Finance and Operations Manager, Department for International Trade - British Embassy Manila

There are three main points for my main takeaways on the session, First, "cut the fat" is important to remove the unnecessary words or information; "Platinum Rule" must always apply empathy; and "Proof reading is very important." I like the idea of going away from your screen for a couple of minutes before proofreading. Thank you for all your help in the session, I really enjoyed it!

Maxim Basilad

Head of Training, Zuellig Pharma Therapeutics

I like how the concepts are being research-based. I also learned a lot on how the speaker facilitated well the digital training. It was seamless. He was very composed throughout the session which I can emulate. I specifically appreciate the concepts of safe space for both coach and coachee and the use of silence.

Jun Palanca

Managing Director and Country Manager, ING Bank N.V. Manila

Our membership in the ECCP has allowed us to understand the pulse of the European business community in the Philippines. This membership has also enabled ING to connect better with European business concerns, and has given ING Bank better insights on the conduct of European businesses in the Philippines. ECCP provides ING the platform to reinforce ING’s relationship and connectivity with both European and Philippine business partners.

Mr. Angel Michael Evangelista

Managing Director, Bayer Philippines, Inc.

Bayer has been in the Philippines for over 60 years, and as one of the founding members of the ECCP, it has been a productive 45 years of shared growth for the company and the Philippines. Through the ECCP, we have been able to reach out to important public and private institutions, helping us live out our purpose of Science for a Better Life and bringing us closer towards the Bayer vision of Health for All, Hunger for None. To the ECCP and its members, let us celebrate 45 years of successful partnership and we look forward to seeing future decades of even greater success as we bring our companies and the Philippines to even greater heights.

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