ECCP Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Committee | 19 February 2019

February 22, 2019 ECCP@Work

The ECCP RE&EE Committee held a meeting last 19 February, and received a presentation on the Developers for Renewable Energy for AdvanceMent (DREAM) with its president, Atty. Jay Layug. DREAM is an organisation of renewable energy associations, launched in January 2019. Its the core objective is to push for policy reforms to be taken by the Philippine government for more efficient delivery of services, and to help attain the country's RE targets.

Key discussion points were DREAM's structure and purpose, urgent concerns, and current status of the renewable energy (RE) industry. The RE&EE committee also had productive and insightful discussions on the its advocacies and directions for 2019, with focus on energy efficiency and conservation, waste-to-energy, and increased renewable energy share in the market.