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February 16, 2019 Press Releases

PNIA partners with eVAP and ECCP in mounting 2019 Nickel Initiative 

The Philippine Nickel Industry Association (PNIA) partners with Electric Vehicles Association of the Philippines (eVAP) and European Chamber of Commerce (ECCP) to discuss the future of nickel industry in its pioneering conference entitled “Nickel Initiative 2019: Shaping Tomorrow, Together” this March.

The Nickel Initiative 2019 seeks to explore global trends in nickel-consuming sectors to identify investment opportunities and areas for cooperation and collaboration. More importantly, the conference hopes to serve as a platform for industries with shared interests in nickel such as e-vehicles, transportation, and stainless steel to stimulate investor interest, .

International and local resource persons from various sectors are invited to discuss critical challenges, identify cross-cutting issues and share ideas and best practices on how to ensure that the future landscape for the nickel industry is responsive, smarter and sustainable.

“The Philippines is the world’s second largest supplier of nickel ore and as such, it is imperative that we take the lead in discussing the future of nickel consumption and on how we can make it sustainable and collaborative so that it can drive further development not just here in the Philippines but globally,” emphasizes Atty. Dante Bravo, president of PNIA.

Other featured industries in the event includes companies involved in exploring, extracting, and processing nickel as well as businesses that utilize nickel as a key resource. Apart from e-vehicles and the transportation sector, others such as infrastructure, electronics, information and medical technology will also participate in the conference.

“The world is shifting towards sustainable energy and we can say that electric vehicles are the future. In the Philippines, our projection is an annual growth rate of 8-12% per year and with this we should start talking about how we can utilize opportunities in this growing market. Battery technology, which requires nickel in its components, has always been a main challenge in our sector and we are grateful for this partnership as this supports the industry’s sustainability,” says Mr. Edmund Araga, president of eVAP.

eVAP forecasts almost 200,000 units sold in the next six years or around 1.68 billion on sales in services. eVAP has also aided the government in planning the Electric Vehicle Roadmap in the Philippines.

“The nickel industry has crucial role in the value chain towards globalization and mining is a key driver for global growth, development and sustainability. This event will open doors for collaboration and networking for potential development opportunities so that economic opportunities in the industry can be optimized,” says Florian Gottein, Executive Director of ECCP.

The Philippine Nickel Industry Association, which serves as the collective voice of the nickel industry, consists of seven members namely Agata Mining Ventures Inc., CTP Construction and Mining Corporation, Citinickel Mines and Development Corporation, Carrascal Nickel Corporation, DMCI Mining Corporation, Marcventures Mining and Development Corporation and Platinum Group Metals Corporation.