EU Chamber of Commerce to hold energy forum in Davao

November 14, 2018 News

DAVAO CITY -- The European Union (EU) Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (ECCP) is holding the 5th edition of Energy Smart Mindanao 2018 on Nov. 22 at the Apo View Hotel here.

In a press briefer released Tuesday, ECCP said the Davao event focuses on the mainstreaming of Mindanao’s energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives.

ECCP noted that many initiatives have been launched by the Philippine government, international development organizations, non-government organizations and even private enterprises, to mainstream energy efficient technologies and renewable energy.

It said the forum is organized into three sessions: Government-Private Sector Dialogue on Energy Issues and Challenges; Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Initiatives and Programs; and Best Practices in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.

It will also include topics on EU initiative in support of the Philippine Energy Sector Development; Investing in a Sustainable and Resilient Energy Future in Mindanao; Partnering with the Government Energy Sector Development in Mindanao.

Under Session 1, the topics to be tackled are Situation and Key Programs of the Mindanao Energy Sector; EU-Philippines Business Network (EPBN) Advocacy Issues and Recommendations and End User Perspective on Energy Efficiency and Competitiveness;

Session 2 will focus on Updates and On-going Initiatives related to EU Access to Sustainable Energy Programs; Innovative Biogas Solutions: Energy from Agro-Industrial Waste; and the PEZA Energy Programs and Initiatives.

Session 3 will include discussions related to Life Cycle Cost Approach on Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings; Controlling and Managing Energy Consumption through Automation; Integrating Embedded Generation into Existing Electrical Networks; Solar Hybridization and Efficiency Improvements of Diesel Power Plants in Small Island Grids; and the ASEAN Collaborative Platform for Energy Efficiency Regulations and Standards.

The energy Smart Mindanao, which is part of the Philippine Energy Efficiency Forum program, is a partnership of the EPBN with Mindanao Development Authority, International Copper Association Southeast Asia Copper Alliance, Aboitiz Power, Shell, Delta Dore, SEBIGAS UAC Joint Venture, SOLENERGY Systems, Inc., and PSB Philippines as supporting partners. (Digna D. Banzon/PNA)

Article was originally published on November 14, 2018 on the Philippines News Agency online