ECCP Meeting with the DPWH on advocacies, – 24 March 2017

March 29, 2017 ECCP@Work

ECCP was able to meet with DPWH Secretary Mark Villar to discuss possible areas of collaboration, with special emphasis on water and infrastructure. Sec. Villar shared about various projects in the pipeline, and the increased DPWH budget of roughly 460 billion. The Chamber commended the serious commitment of the Department in speedily implementing projects, as infrastructure development is key to accelerating economic growth.

ECCP also mentioned its previous partnership with former DPWH Secretary Singson where parties dealing with the Department or bidding for projects of the Department had to sign the Integrity Pledge. ECCP encouraged DPWH to adopt this initiative. Various efforts under the Project I4J and Integrity were also discussed. DPWH positively took note to the efforts of ECCP, Integrity Initiative and the Project i4J and expressed its support on promoting the culture of integrity.