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Philippine Telegraph & Telephone Corp.
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Philippine Telegraph & Telephone Corp.

Philippine Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (PT&T), is one of the major telecommunications services provider in the Philippines since its founding in 1962. The company caters to corporate, small/medium business, and residential segments across the country. PT&T continues to specialize in adapting its services to the particular needs of its enterprise and institutional end users. At present, PT&T’s business activities are categorized into two major businesses: Connectivity and IT Services. Connectivity business is focused on providing broadband high-speed internet or dedicated internet access using fiber optic cables, with speeds reaching up to 1 Gbps. Wireless connectivity options also available. Apart from telecommunications, PT&T has a broader goal not just providing connectivity requirements, but also becoming a full suite digital services provider. Through its IT Services business, the company now provides a wide range of offerings under Connectivity, Security and Availability, and Information Technology Solutions segments.

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