Learn & Network: Building Career Coaching and Mentoring Skills for Managers and Leaders


"There's a strong link between consistent managerial communication with higher engagement levels. However, evidence shows 69% of managers report feeling uncomfortable communicating with employees in general."

Join the ECCP Competency Hub, in partnership with Lee Hecht Harrison (LHH), for an evening of learning and network.

Be amongst other thought leaders from various organizations for a night of great company while expanding your network and contacts. In this Learn & Network session, participants will be introduced to a framework on talent planning and coaching process for developing, engaging, and retaining high-potential and high-performing talents through a PREVIEW of TALENTBUILDER® program.

Developing and retaining high potential and high performing employees is a critical talent management priority for organizations because these individuals can provide a rich internal pool of talent for the growth and sustainability of any organization. However, many companies struggle in sustaining talent management programs, especially the ones that require the support and participation of senior leaders. Common pitfalls are lack of training for the mentors, too much or not enough structure, inability to hold coaching conversations, and lack of commitment from the mentors for the entire program.

Through the TALENTBUILDER® program, leaders will be provided with the process and framework to hold positive career discussions and mentoring sessions that increase performance, productivity, loyalty, and satisfaction. The program helps managers learn how to build their team capability by developing and leveraging the unique talents of individual contributors. What follows is peak performance, productivity, satisfaction, and loyalty. Dreaded performance discussions give way to positive talent and career discussions. Employees feel valued and respected for their contributions. Increased skill, performance, retention, job, and how to assess and improve their career fit in the organization.


PHP 1,500

ECCP Members

PHP 1,800


PHP 2,200

(includes coffee breaks, lunches, seminar materials and certificate of attendance)

No shows will be billed at full cost. Cancellations should be made at least 48 hours/two working days before the event.

Participants from outside Manila, requiring airfare and hotel bookings, should coordinate with ECCP for final confirmation of course schedule before booking. The ECCP shall not be responsible for charges incurred for changes in booking or flights.

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