Sustainable Development Goals Workshop 2018

Penthouse, Don Norberto TY, Medical Towers, Manila Doctors Hospital, TM Kalaw Manila

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The GCNP Principle-Based SDG Workshop Program is designed to provide GCNP members and non-members the opportunity to learn and be inspired to implement SDG programs for their own companies and organizations with the UN Global Compact Ten Principles as its foundation.

There will be an option to have a Certificate of Participation for attending a specific workshop and a Certificate of Full Participation for attending all workshops during the year.

SDG Workshop Program

The SDG Workshop curriculum will be based on the UN Global Compact’s SDG Blueprint, UN Global Compact’s Goals and Targets, UN Global Compact’s SDG Matrix and utilizing the UNGC Case studies as well as local best practices from companies who are already practicing SDG programs.

The curriculum will be updated every year to provide more tools and new case studies.

The Program will utilize seminars in teaching the 10 Principles and focused SDGs and workshops to determine the level of understanding of the participants by providing a case study and actual presentation of their proposed SDG Program.

Certificate of Participation

All participants will be given a Certificate of Participation or Full Participation for attending the workshops. GCNP Members will be given the GCNP-logoed SDG Certificate while non-members will be given the SDG Certificate. This certificate recognizes attendance to the workshop. It does not indicate that the participant has accomplished the intended learning outcomes.

Interested participants are encouraged to attend the SDG Workshops annually so that they can remain updated on new developments and best practices.

SDG-Focused Seminar:

Corporate Rate - USD125/Php6,560
SME Rate – USD100/Php5,250

UNGC 10 Principles Seminar:

Corporate Rate – USD80/Php4,200
SME Rate – USD50/Php2,625

Packaged Fee for 3 SDG
plus 10 Principles:

Corporate Rate – USD400/Php21,000
SME Rate – USD300/Php15,750

Case Study Presentation Activity ( 1 Day, limited to 10 to 12 Groups):

Corporate Rate – USD150/Php8,250
SME Rate - USD100/Php5,500

Note: Members will be entitled an additional Php1,000 discount for packaged rate and Php2,000 with Case Study Presentation Activity

Volume Offer of 10 plus 2 Free and 5 Plus 1 Free available to Associations and Corporations.10% Discount for Members will no longer be valid for volume offer.

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