#Adulting: Budgets and Savings

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Let's play a game.

The Praxis board game has been designed to make learning about financial planning “fun and exciting” for its players. This amusing learning experience was introduced by Sun Life Financial Inc., and keeps each lesson on basic financial processes like budgeting and saving, as well as more complex ones like investing in stocks and protection planning, easy to grasp for players as young as highschool level students. 

It also simulates real-life events – such as getting promotion, catching illnesses and losing a job, and provides students with opportunities to come up with their own financial decisions in very relatable and real-life situations.


1st batch 9AM
2nd batch 1PM

P100 per student - inclusive of snacks and workshop certificate

For registration/inquiries please call (032) 2533387 or email angeleen.cortes@eccp.com