Breakfast Meeting with Hon. Secretary Carlos Jericho Petilla (Department of Energy)

Ballroom, New World Hotel, Makati, Philippines

Membership Meeting & Forum

At a time where Energy Issues are on everybody's mind, we are glad to inform you that Energy Secretary Carlos Jericho L. Petilla has accepted our invitation to address the membership on Current Energy Issues and possible Solutions.

  • The year 2013 saw record spot power prices in November and December. These price spikes indicate a shortfall in investments in new generation and gaps in the implementation of EPIRA. There are immediate remedies available within the existing market rules to address the current crises; consequently no need to amend EPIRA.
  • With only 615MW of new capacity to be added in the next three years versus an expected demand growth of about 1,500MW, the power outlook for Luzon is not good.
  • To address these issues, various proposals are being made; we expect Sec. Petilla to provide his views regarding those:
    • Requiring all DUs to cover their energy supply gaps with forward contracts
    • Requiring NGCP to secure firm contracts for ancillary services / secure reserves
    • Requiring DUs to contract 100% of their forecast energy requirement over the next 3 years and no longer only 90%
    • Reducing barriers to entry by simplifying permitting (reducing the 120+ permits for a new power project) and maintaining investment incentives
    • Stronger implementation of government initiatives in energy efficiency and demand side management
    • Lowering the threshold for open access
    • Review and revamp WESM
    • Strengthen the quality and role of the ERC
    • Stronger implementation of government initiatives in Renewable Energy and in Energy Efficiency, as well as demand side management.

PhP 1,800 for members
PhP 2,000 for non-members

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