Water Challenge Forum: Promoting Water Initiatives for a Sustainable Economy

Marriott Manila Hotel, Philippines

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The WATER CHALLENGE FORUM highlights the challenges that the Philippines face as far as managing its water resources is concerned. It will bring together in one forum water policymakers, water suppliers and distributors, water technology and service providers, international and local business organizations, academe and other water stakeholders to exchange information, discuss the priorities of the water sector and provide recommendations on how to address the water challenges.

The Forum will also include a WATER TECHNOLOGY SHOW that will exhibit companies providing the latest water technology and solutions as well as showcase various water initiatives and programs existing in the country.


  • PROMOTE a better understanding of the importance of water to the environmental and economic future of the Philippines;
  • INCREASE the awareness of participants of the water situation and challenges faced by the country and the need to take action to address these challenges;
  • ENGAGE the public and private sectors in an active cooperation to promote better water stewardship by promoting technologies, techniques, practices and policies that are geared towards a wider water access and greater water efficiency;
  • SHOWCASE the latest water technologies and solutions that can help overcome the problems being encountered in the water sector; and
  • LAUNCH the Water Initiatives for a Sustainable Economy (WISE) Program - a program aimed at bringing together all stakeholders in the water sector to cooperate more closely in the design and implementation of water initiatives.


  • C-Level Executives
  • Directors and Heads of Facilities, Engineering and Environment
  • Operations Managers
  • Building Administration Managers
  • Government Officials engaged in Water Policy and Infrastructure Development
  • Heads of Local Government Units
  • Architects & Contractors
  • Engineers
  • Water Service and Wastewater Treatment companies
  • Water Solutions Providers (Technology & Services)
  • Academe
  • Non-Government Organizations
  • International Organizations
  • Real Estate Developers and Property Managerment Firms
  • Property Owners - Buildings, Eco-Zones, Business Districts, Subdivisions, etc.
Abundant water resources but facing water shortages due to poor and inadequate water infrastructure.
The Philippines is far from "Water Secure" and has among the highest rates of waterrelated fatalities, together with Bangladesh, Nepal, Tajikistan and Vanuatu (ADB).
455 municipalities nationwide are waterless areas, with less than 50% of households having access to safe water (NAPC).
1,997 for every 100,000 population - the incidence rate for waterborne diseases in the Philippines (DOH).
53 of 444 operational water districts in the country are able to give more than 50% water service coverage. Municipalities deemed waterless are those with less than 50% water service coverage(DILG).



Time Topic Speaker
8:00AM - 8:30AM Registration  
8:30AM - 9:00AM Ribbon Cutting and Opening of Technology Showcase  
9:00AM - 9:15AM Opening Remarks: "The Water Challenge" Mr. Michael Raeuber
European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines
9:15AM - 9:20AM Introduction of Keynote Speaker
9:20AM - 9:40AM Keynote Address:
Managing the Competing Uses of Water: The National Water Management Master plan
Hon. Rogelio Singson (tbc)
Department of Public Works and Highways
9:40AM - 10:00AM Wider Water Access and Greater Water Efficiency Rep. Rodolfo Albano III
1st District of Isabela
House of Representatives, Philippines
10:00AM - 10:20AM Open Forum and Morning Break
Plenary Session 1: The Water Challenges in the Global and Local Scenario
10:20AM - 10:40AM The Asian Water Development Outlook Ms. Stella Tansengco-Schapero
Senior Finance Specialist, SERD
Asian Development Bank
10:40AM - 11:00AM Managing the Nation’s Water Resources: Policies and Frameworks Atty. Elenito M. Bagalihog
Executive Director
National Water Resources Board
11:00AM - 11:20AM The Challenges of Water Distribution and Wastewater Treatment Mr. Francisco Arellano
Senior Assistant Vice President
Maynilad Water Services, Inc.
11:20AM - 11:30AM OpenForum
Plenary Session 2: Water Management in Cities
11:30AM - 11:50 AM Sustainability Remote Community Water Mr. Rick Holland
Managing Director
Grundfos Pumps (Philippines), Inc
11:50 AM - 12:10PM Challenges of Floods and Innovation Solutions Mr. Ed Singzon
Water Utililty- Sales Engineer
Grundfos Pumps (Philippines), Inc.
12:10PM - 12:30PM Total Water Management: An Integrated Design Approach to Maximizing Water Efficiency Mr. Matthew Bamm
Senior Engineer-Water
ARUP Philippines
12:30PM - 12:40PM Open forum  
12:40PM - 1:40PM Lunch Break  
Plenary Session 3: Sustainable Water Technologies, Best Practices and Solutions
1:40PM - 2:00PM The Project Agos Ms. Cecile Alcantara (tbc)
Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines
2:00PM - 2:15PM Project Ultra: Sustainable Water Use in the Food Sector Mr. Alan Frias
General Manager
Mondelez Philippines
2:15PM - 2:30PM Meeting Industrial Water Demands with New Technologies Mr. Wilfredo Elumba
Country Manager
GE Water and Process Technologies
2:30PM - 2:50PM Open Forum and Afternoon Break
Plenary Session 4: Becoming Water Wise
2:50PM - 3:20PM Water Management Design & Initiative Arch't Joy Martinez Onozawa
Architect, Urban Planner, Environmentalist
Environmental Designs, Inc.
3:20PM - 3:40PM The WISE Program: A Proactive Response to Water Challenges Mr. Gerry D.Constantino
Vice-President for Operations
European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines
3:45PM - 4:10PM Open Forum
4:10PM - 4:20PM Synthesis of Plenary Session 3 and overall
4:20PM - 4:30PM Closing Remarks and Signing of the WISE Pledge


Master of Ceremonies: Mr. Martial G. Beck
Vice-President and General Manager
European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines


Spiral Diagram



"The Philippines comes out at level two out of 5 so that means there's still quite some way to go. The scores in the 5 key dimensions are two for household water security, 4 for economic water security, doing strongly there, one for urban water security, which means treatment of wastewater and management and reduction of floods and the damages from floods. That is an area of serious concern to increase water security for action, as mentioned, and of course the Philippines is engaged in that. Environment water security score is 2 and the resilience to water disasters is also 2."

~ Wouter Lincklaen Arriens, ADB


"Freshwater needs will grow by 20% in mature economies and by 50% in new economies by 2025.

As populations grow and cities expand, it is essential to prevent flooding and provide clean and affordable water for consumption.

Cities are where water is not always available but where people need it. Cities need to make their water smarter, more efficient, safe and available."

~ Schneider Electric


"The Philippines is endowed with abundant water resources, but is currently confronted with difficulties in meeting its water needs, expansion of capacity and connecting poor households to the water supply system. Rapid population growth, economic development, urbanization, and industrialization have taken their toll on the country's water services and resource base.

The problem, moreover, extends to other quality of life dimensions: deficiencies in water resource management, water supply and sanitation services, solid waste and wastewater management impact on water quality and people's health."

~ Philippine Water Supply Sector Roadmap



ECCP Members / Exhibitors / Sponsors / Government / Academe / Students (w/ID) = PhP 3,500
Non-Members = PhP 3,800

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