Design Your Leadership Journey (An Exercise in Design Thinking)

27 Jul

The 21st Century requires a whole new set of leadership competencies. This is the century of knowledge work, access to a wide body of information, and dealing with multiple generations.

Leaders need to exhibit self-mastery, relate and work effectively with others – their direct reports, their immediate superiors, and their peers - and demonstrate both critical and creative thinking. They also must recognize the fast pace of change confronting the organizations, their team, and themselves and they must contribute to helping key stakeholders manage transitions.

Only then can they do work optimally can they deliver the results needed to meet organizational


In this overview/learning session, we will cover a fundamental leadership competency and apply it to the leaders' ability to work well with others.

Profile of Attendees: Frontline to Middle Managers


Upon completion of this overview/ learning session, participants will be able to:

  • Enumerate and explain the principles of Design Thinking
  • Discuss the various phases of Design Thinking and apply it to Coaching

Program Outline

Module I: Design Thinking

  • Video
  • Workshop
  • Introduction to Design Thinking - Principles, Rules, and Phases

Module II. Applying Design Thinking to Relationship Building (Coaching Model)

  • Application Areas in Leadership Development
  • Designing your business
  • Designing your relationships
  • Designing your life
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