Motivational Intelligence- Key to Heightened Self-Awareness and Successful Leadership

14 Jun

The workshop is designed for participants to acquire Motivational Intelligence with which they can attain a deep understanding of who they are and what drives them to do what they do. The Reiss Motivation Profile or RMP, a scientifically-derived assessment on motivation, will be used for an eye-opening experience to develop Motivational Intelligence. Your RMP will reveal to you what motivational needs you have in your nature and this knowledge of your motivational desires will empower you to have a heightened self-awareness both for self and others.

With this self-awareness, you will be in a position to self-regulate to overcome barriers to performance and validate your potential for success.

The workshop will also show the very wide field of applications that the RMP, as a centerpiece can be for self-development and organizational development.

Program Objective:

  • Learn what your RMP means, develop your Motivational Intelligence by knowing the motivational needs in your human nature which determine how you would naturally behave in various situations or when interacting with other people, and what would you naturally desire or do to be happy
  • Attain comprehensive self-awareness and be empowered to determine which of your natural behavior would be detrimental to your performance and to effect changes in how you would do things to be more effective and successful as a leader
  • Learn motivational language and concepts which would enable you to understand people more easily and more deeply. This facilitates planning for the personal development of staff, maintaining highly engaged employees, and collaborative team players to inspire the performance of the organization.

Who should attend? Leaders and senior executives of organizations or companies; personal or executive coaches; consultants and trainers on leadership development, hiring, team performance; Senior HR managers; school counselors and anyone who wants to understand themselves to be happier.

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