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Managing Talent Across Borders: An Exclusive Briefing on Global Talent Mobility

06 May
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Registration fee of only PhP 1,120 per person

What's happening with Global Talent Mobility?

Getting talent right is getting business right. And a global business needs sound talent mobility practices, which involve much more than structuring a rewards package and relocation services. There has been a lot of talk lately about the linkage between global mobility and global talent management in multinational organizations, and with good reason: mobility is serving both business needs and leadership development needs.
Tom Farmer will share how both western and Asia-based multinationals are managing the movement talent across borders to meet business and development needs. He will cover:
  • purposes and types of international assignments
  • talent management practices, including selection and career management
  • common types of rewards packages and policies
  • key challenges: tax, housing, cost of living, family issues and repatriation
  • how to avoid expensive mistakes when sending key talent overseas
Tom Farmer is a highly accomplished total rewards and mobility leader, with a career spanning over 25 years, including over 15 years corporate management experience and over seven years of consulting, most recently with Mercer as Principal and Asia Pacific Leader for Global Mobility. Tom is now Owner/Principal at Freelance Total Rewards, based in Singapore.
The Executive forum will be moderated by Beth mAcdonald.
Join us in this cutting edge forum and discover more about talent mobility!
For registration and inquiries, please contact Olivia at (632) 845 1324 or send an email to

You may download the registration form here.

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