Fundamentals of HR Analytics

16 Apr

HR Analytics is about leveraging the power of data to make data-driven workforce-related decisions. With HR Analytics, you will be able to convincingly show business leaders the direct impact of HR processes and initiatives on business outcomes – sales, revenue, cost-savings, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Learning Objectives

In this 3-hour session, you will learn the fundamental concepts of HR Analytics and why it has become essential for companies to develop this competency in their HR department and team.

Who should join?

  1. HR professionals responsible for leading or managing an analytics function
  2. HR leaders and business executives who want to be able to direct data scientists and analysts or understand how predictive analytics work
  3. Business executives who want more from HR

Course Outline

  • Why HR Analytics?
  • Competencies of an HR Analytics Team
  • How to Implement an HR Analytics Project
  • Conceptualization (Formulate Business Questions and Build Hypothesis)
  • Execution (Generate Data, Conduct Analyses, Generate Insights and Recommendations, Communicate)
  • Implementation and Evaluation
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