[NEW DATE] Harnessing Creative and Critical Thinking


Critical and creative thinking are two essential skills required in discovering innovative solutions to challenges and hindrances we encounter as we achieve our goals. The combination of the abilities to assess the validity of something already existing (critical thinking), and to generate or create something new (creative thinking), enables one to maximize their problem-solving potential. It serves as a powerful tool in continuous improvement.

This three-hour online session intends to introduce, and equip the learners with the mind tools that will easily enable critically, and creative thinking even while working alone. They will be able to appreciate and apply the tools through the guidance of the facilitator.

It is creative thinking and critical thinking applied in easy to follow steps.


By the end of the interactive workshop, the learners will be able to utilize the creative and critical thinking frameworks to create solutions for themselves, their team, and the organization.

  • Differentiating the purpose of creative and critical thinking
  • Acknowledge one’s potential to think creatively
  • Applying divergent thinking through using the different frameworks and questions
  • Applying convergent thinking skills through using frameworks and questions to choose, plan, and decide

  1. Centering and Introductions
  2. Challenges
  3. Session norms to help with creative thinking and critical thinking exercises
  4. Why we need to develop our Creative and Critical Thinking Skills
  5. Thinking Lab - experiencing the frameworks as they learn
    1. Experience the 5 frameworks (Brainwriting, Mindmapping, Scamper, converge framework, PMI)
    2. Debriefing
    3. Lessons Learned and Action Items
  6. Summary, Closing, and Commitment

How to access the webinar: In a separate email, you will receive the link sent via ZOOM/ECCP.

For inquiries, kindly email

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