Developing Exceptional Leaders: Measuring Leadership Potential and Surveying Employee Engagement

22 Nov

It has always been said that what gets measured, gets done.  Ensuring accurate employee selection and employee engagement are critical to customer satisfaction, profitability, and overall organization effectiveness.

HCC LogoWe would like to invite you to a forum that will be centered on two separate HR metrics, yet complimentary in the purpose of organizational development - the Chally Predictive Talent Analytics that measures Leadership potential and predicts success in future performance; and the Louis Allen Worldwide engagement survey that measures and tracks employee engagement.

Predict the performance of your key hires and internal promotions to an 85% certainty Measure your Employee Engagement Index and get better business results

In an extensive management research project funded by NASA and the US Defense Department, a tool called Chally was developed and it utilized the science in measuring talent and predicting success in future performance.

Chally has the distinct capability to help customers grow their business by utilizing tools that select, align & develop the right people using predictive, reliable and precise talent analytics based on human capital science and research data.

For over 33 years, Chally's Total Quality Management System has proven to be exceptionally beneficial to improving productivity, reducing turnover, developing leadership, and creating effective, reliable succession planning.

Chally will be presented by Kristine Santayana Yasay, a Chally Certified Talent Analyst and American Management Association's Country Manager of the Philippines.

Louis Allen Worldwide has made breakthrough research in 22 companies in over 20 countries that shows engagement is a direct result of management effectiveness. As engagement signals how effective your management system is, it can help predict how effective your organization will be as engagement is driven by management practices.

Experts provide the right insights and the right actions to take to show you how to maximize the impact of surveys to your business.

J. P. Miller is the Chief Executive Officer of Louis Allen Worldwide, an organizational-effectiveness and change-management consulting firm, will be in Manila to share the latest technology on Employee Engagement.

The Executive forum will be moderated by Henry J. Schumacher.

Join us in this cutting edge forum and discover the science behind talent management & employee engagement!  Registration fee of only PhP 1,120 per person.  You may download the registration form here.

For inquiries, please contact Moly at (632) 845.1324 or send an email to

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