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Preparing a Feasible Energy Efficiency Project

30 Mar
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Course Description

With the cost of fuel exceeding USD100/barrel and the Philippines having the highest electricity rate in Asia, the significance of energy efficiency in the commercial and industrial facilities is a must. This training will help the practitioners prepare feasible energy efficiency (EE) projects in their respective facilities. 

At the end of the training, participants should be able to:

  • Identify energy efficiency opportunities thru walk-thru energy audit and investment grade energy audit
  •  Prepare technical/financial evaluation for energy efficiency projects
  •  Understand possible sources of financing for energy efficiency projects
  •  Familiarize themselves with energy efficiency tools available

Who Should Attend:

  •  Energy and Facility Engineers / Managers
  •  Environment Officers and Managers
  •  Energy Consultants
  •  Property Developers and Managers


  • Identifying EE Opportunities

Any EE project starts with looking for opportunities thru a walk-thru or investment grade energy audit. A walk-thru energy audit is usually done by an EE expert while the investment grade energy audit by an ESCO or energy audit outfit. This presentation will show the two energy audit methods and how the practitioner can use these methods to identify EE opportunities.

  • EE Project Evaluation

EE practitioner needs to prepare technical and financial evaluation of the EE opportunity for them to justify these projects to their management. This presentation will present sample case studies showing the technical and financial evaluation and financial indicators that management are looking for from these projects. This presentation will also present to you possible templates as to what clients/top management would want to see in the report, how long should it be and more.

  • EE Project Financing

Funding of EE projects can be sourced internally or externally. External financing includes loans, leasing and ESCO. This presentation discusses the various sources of funds, the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative, the ESCO concept, etc.

  • EE Tools/Software

There are tools used by EE practitioners and banks in evaluating EE projects. This presentation will include hands-on use of available EE tools.

  • Closing, Q&A and Networking

We hope that you will find time to join us in this event. To register, Click here to download the registration form and send it to or fax it to (+632) 7596690. For further inquiries please call us at (+632) 8451324 and look for Ms. Jasmin Runez. 

Seminar Fee per Participant

                    PHP 9,000 – ECCP Members
                    PHP 9,500 – Non ECCP Members

* Seminar fees include coffee breaks, lunches, Seminar Learning Pack and certificate of attendance.

Note: In the event of no-show or confirmation cancellation, a fee shall be charged if no advice is given 3 working days prior to the seminar date.

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