Effective Business Writing

02 Aug to 03 Aug

This two-day Effective Business Writing program has been designed to improve the written communication skills of the participants through its interactive lectures, fast-paced small group discussions, fun games and activities. The participants will not only learn grammar rules and writing techniques, but also understand how the rules and techniques can be used more effectively from a "contextual/situational" perspective.

Participants will also learn to write documents that specifically address a customer’s concern or need in a clear, concise and organized manner. They will also discover different writing formats that will make their documents more reader-friendly, and be guided in the use of the different punctuation marks. They will be made more aware of the common problems encountered in writing that will help them eliminate these, or at least minimize their frequency.


  • Lectures/Discussions
  • Grammar Games
  • Grammar and Writing Exercises
  • Pre and Post Grammar Diagnostic Tests 

Pre-Workshop Requirement from Participants

The participants will need to submit individual writing samples a week before the training. This is optional.

Training Objectives

  • Learn the rules and contextual clues that will help them avoid common grammar errors
  • Become more aware of word choice/phrasing errors in common expressions and idiomatic phrases
  • Write documents that are organized, clear and concise, as well as courteous in tone
  • Avoid common writing problems such as Confusables, Lack of Parallel Construction and Misplaced/Dangling Modifiers
  • Learn the proper use of the different punctuation marks and the common letter formats
  • Learn how to properly put together different types of business correspondence from general information letters/emails, apology letters to memos, etc.
  • Become more aware of email etiquette

Discussion Points

  • Grammar
  • Writing Style
    • Organization/Clarity/Conciseness
    • Common Writing Problems
    • Punctuation and Format

Training Outline 

Day 1

  1. Subject/Verb Agreement
  2. Tense Usage and Consistency
  3. Use of the Singular vs. The Plural Noun Form
  4. Non-Count Nouns
  5. Prepositions

Day 2

  1. Participles - Recognizing Whether Words in Past Tense Form are Verbs or Adjectives
  2. Determiners

Day 2

  • Miscellaneous Grammar Points
  • Proper Planning
  • Organization and Structure
  • The 3 C's of Style
  • Common Writing Problems
  • Punctuation Marks and Formats
  • Different Types of Correspondence
  • Email Etiquette

Learning Investment:

PhP 11,000 +12% vat
**a more comprehensive outline is available upon request
Seminar fees include coffee breaks, lunches, Seminar Materials and certificate of attendance. This training program can also be run in-house.

Registration Form

For confirmations and more information, please contact
Ms. Jasmin Runez of ECCP at 845 1324 or email

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