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Ostwestfalen Meets ASEAN

27 Jun
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In 2011, too, the Ostwestfalen Chamber of Commerce and Industry will join with companies from the region in staging a week-long informative event about a selected country. The motto will be "Ostwestfalen meets ...". In previous years, several thousand visitors from Germany and abroad attended each of the many events at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry's previous "Getting to know you" weeks and the feedback was always positive. The success confirms the usefulness of focusing on an interesting country and its market. For this reason "Ostwestfalen meets ..." will take place in 2011, too. In the ten year of the international Chamber of Commerce and Industry's "Getting to know you" weeks, Ostwestfalen will be meeting the ASEAN Countries. Interested companies are invited to get to know the trading partner or also to participate actively in the program of events.


Ostwestfalen Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Bielefeld (responsible for the overall concept)
Ines Ratajczak
Elsa Brändström-Straße 1-3, 33602 Bielefeld
0521/554-101 Phone / Fax 0521/554-109

Idea / implementation:

Marketing and Communications Consultancy
Nieheimer Straße 14, 33699 Bielefeld
Phone 05202/82418, Fax 05202/83995

For more information, please visit the official website

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