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Applied Neuroscience for the Workplace

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F2F Trainings

Applied Neuroscience for the Workplace is a full-day program that equips individuals with the latest knowledge on how the inner workings of the brain influence our behaviour and actions, coupled with new skills on how to rewire the brain for more empowered performance and leadership at work.

Recent advances in understanding of brain function, enables novel techniques and strategies for increased motivation, willpower, focus, perseverance, assertiveness, creativity, multitasking and faster learning, while balancing emotion, anxiety, stress, fear and failure. With correct interpretation of brain signals, participants become increasingly aware of new ways to take effective action to build better working relationships, get the best out of people, and pave the way for better business results.

This seminar targets those interested in self-improvement, developing skills for career growth, management of teams, departments or organisations. It benefits all ranks of responsibility from regular employees to managers in corporations, entrepreneurs and business owners. It is suited to beginners in self-improvement, as well as those more experienced who are looking to keep up to date with the exciting new developments in this field. This presentation has been purposely designed to be able to break down complex scientific concepts into digestible practical advice.


At the end of the session, the participants will know:

  • How to correctly interpret brain signals we experience, to take more empowering action.
  • How to use new tools to rewire the brain for motivation, willpower, focus, perseverance, creativity, multitasking and faster learning.
  • How to decode your physiological body & mind signals, so you can see them in a real way.
  • How to apply novel methods to balance anxiety, stress, fear and failure.
  • How to organise and optimise sleep and nutrition for better performance.
  • How to manage the brain for more effective leadership at work, and driven, motivated teams.

Who should attend?

  • Regular employees and Supervisors interested in self-improvement and career development.
  • Managers and Business Executives looking for new ways to have teams operate at their best.
  • Anyone currently feeling significantly challenged in their working relationships.


I. Fundamentals of Neuroscience

  • Basic understanding of the Brain, Neural Connections & Neurotransmitters.
  • Neuroplasticity: how to use your own Acetylcholine to rewire the brain and build new habits.
  • Motivation: how to manage your own Dopamine to naturally maximise motivation.
  • Demystifying the Amygdala: Decoding Fear and Insecurity.
  • Understanding Neuroscience Research, hypothesis, experimental studies, peer-review.

II. Applied Neuroscience for Self-Improvement @ Work

  • Multitasking, Focus, Concentration, Attentional blinks and getting into the flow state.
  • The Neuroscience of Sleep: Techniques to optimise sleep time and quality.
  • Nutrition Neuroscience: Optimising Serotonin and eating for better mental performance.
  • Managing Anxiety & Stress: Fascinating advances in breathing and EMDR techniques.
  • The Neuroscience of willpower, resilience & techniques to bounce back.
  • Building healthy work relationships with growth vs fixed mindset.

III. Applied Neuroscience for Leadership @ Work

  • Research on brain synchronisation in teams, colleagues and customers
  • Getting the best out of your team: Psychological safety, mistakes, failure, context reframing.
  • Understanding human physical contact at the workplace, confrontation & assertiveness.
  • Understanding Perception: Reactions, and why people respond differently to different events


The attendees will be participating in real time Q&A, quiz and breakout sessions.

Important Reminders:

  • Invoices will be sent to the registered email address.
  • Full payment is required prior to or at least five working days before the session. Please send your proof of payment to trainings@eccp.com and/or gazzlemae.gatlabayan@eccp.com.
  • No shows will be billed at full cost. Cancellations should be made at five working days before the event. Replacement is encouraged.
  • The ECCP reserves the right to reschedule or cancel this training program. To those attendees who will be arranging travel logistics (flights and hotel), please email us first to confirm if the event is pushing through.
Nigel Gordon Kissaun
Nigel Gordon Kissaun
Management Consultant & Executive Coach
Accelerate 2 Excellence

Nigel Gordon Kissaun is a Management Consultant & Executive Coach based in Manila. He works with companies to analyse, solve and transform using novel state-of-the-art human and process techniques to improve operational performance for growing businesses.

With 20 years in the Semiconductor industry in corporate and technical management of multinational companies in Europe, Singapore and the Philippines, he embarked on an innovative form of management consultancy called ‘Accelerate to Excellence’ (A2E). Using the latest multidisciplinary knowledge from Psychology, Neuroscience, Engineering, Industry Best Practices, and applying a holistic learning approach via seminars, coaching, mentoring and hands-on meetings, it leads to the necessary mindset change for best personal and team performance as well as process optimisation.

Nigel holds an Engineering degree from UCL (London), a postgraduate in Management from STU (France) as well as in Cognitive Neuroscience from University of Berkeley (Cal, USA).

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