Committee Dialogue

Power Up Western Visayas: Continuing Conversation on Sustainable Energy

Diversion 21 Iloilo City
Committee Dialogue

The world is at a critical juncture in its energy journey. As we begin 2024, recent events have left their mark on Western Visayas' energy story. It was supposed to be a bright and sunny day, but the region was plunged into darkness. A massive power outage hit the islands of Panay, Guimaras, and some parts of Negros, affecting millions of residents and businesses. The cause of the blackout was traced to the tripping of multiple power plants in Panay Island, which resulted in a loss of more than 450 megawatts (MW) of power in the Visayas grid, which is mostly sourced from nonrenewable energy sources such as coal. The blackout in January showed us how easily our energy system can be disrupted. It left entire provinces in darkness, reminding us of the need for stronger infrastructure and more diverse energy sources. At the same time, we're seeing a rise in renewable energy. Solar panels are becoming more common on rooftops, and wind turbines are starting to appear along our coasts. These clean energy sources offer hope for a more sustainable future, but we still need to figure out how to integrate them smoothly into our grid and make it more resilient. There's also a lot of discussion about investments and policies. Some people are talking about investing in coal and gas, while others are calling for cleaner, more sustainable solutions. We need to find a balance that meets our energy needs today without harming the environment for future generations.

These are just some of the challenges and opportunities we face in the energy landscape of Western Visayas. Power Up will serve as a crucial platform for convening stakeholders from across the energy spectrum to explore the current landscape, address pressing issues, and chart a course toward a secure and sustainable energy future.

The event aims to enhance understanding of the current energy landscape and its complexities, generate constructive dialogue and collaboration among stakeholders, identify actionable policy recommendations and investment opportunities, and catalyze concrete steps towards a sustainable and secure energy future.

We invite you to join us for this forum and contribute to shaping a brighter energy future. Together, we can chart a course towards secure sustainable energy for all.

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