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Elevate your Professional Presence

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F2F Trainings

Employees represent the organization's image. An organization's members advertently and inadvertently display behavior, which in time influence how a company is perceived by others.

In business, you are what you say and do. Following this principle, the first few seconds are critical in establishing a positive and lasting impression. One must be perceived as a professional to win the trust of others, and facets that create this image are business etiquette and a professional personality to match. Developing these foundations are critical if staff are to be seen as professional, empathetic, trustworthy and credible.

Effective personality development programs focus on developing a positive win-win mindset that influence attitude. This forms the foundation for positive and professional behavior. Enhancing one's ability to manage visual impressions, vocal impressions and choice of words is required if consistency is to be met. Being mindful of etiquette completes the foundation as it enables an individual to model behavior that is deemed proper in various social and business situations.

Learning objectives:

By the end of the one-day program, the learners will be able to:

  1. Develop their inner, and outer games, to enhance their professional presence
  2. Practice self-empowerment techniques to improve their mental game
  3. Demonstrate congruent and professional visual, vocal, and verbal impressions when engaging with others
  4. Embody the professional image they aspire to have
  5. Utilize knowledge of the 4 business personalities to connect with others
  6. Apply business interaction techniques to connect with individuals across various industries

Learning Journey

  1. Opening and Introductions
  2. Objectives, Agenda, Norms
  3. Participant Questions and Expectations
  4. Professional Presence
  5. My Inner Game
    • My Mindset
    • My Lifestyle
    • 4 Business Personalities (Appreciating my Style)
  6. My Outer Game
    • My Behavior
      1. Visual, Vocal,Verbal Impact
      2. Grooming
      3. Color Analysis
      4. Unlocking Dress Codes
      5. Style, Dressing, and Accessorizing (2 groups - men and women)
      6. Virtual Presence
    • Business Etiquette (including virtual etiquette) activity and discussion
    • Engaging in Business Conversations
      1. Opening and Closing
      2. Connecting with the 4 Business Personalities
      3. Engaging Conversations activity
      4. Networking practice session
  7. Summary, Integration, and Closing Activity
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