Presenting the Perfect Pitch

04 Apr

Looking at the common experience among successful ventures, it can be pinpointed that their journey begins with a presentation. The potential of a brand can be seen in how entrepreneurs communicate their ideas to the public which is perceived as a critical step in whether or not it will gain traction for possible investments. Undeniably, a lot of business solutions are presented nowadays; advancing ahead of competitors will guarantee a strategic position for an enterprise. In order to gain the trust and confidence of the target stakeholders, presenting a powerful pitch is an indispensable requirement to promote a business proposal.

Presenting the Perfect Pitch is a training that will help start-up entrepreneurs and professionals design their pitch deck that will highlight the strengths of their company, the impact it can bring to the market, and the story behind the innovation. Moreover, teaching them the right communication strategy will give them the advantage to align their business needs to the goals of their investors.

Program Topics

I. Outline of a Business Pitch - learn the foundation of a business proposal and tackle the steps in creating one

  1. Business pitch types
  2. Purpose of a business pitch
  3. Format
  4. Preparing the Content
  • Audience
  • Objective of your pitch
  • Headline
  • Arranging the flow
  • Unique selling Proposition
  • Content
  • Trimming the Fat

II. Designing a Good Pitch Presentation - provide creative ways of delivering the big idea and the tools entrepreneurs can use for designing

  1. Websites and applications
  2. Designing techniques
  3. Utilizing media files

III. Becoming a Storyteller of Innovation - learn the right communication skills to persuade audience, effectively present the branding to the public, and the gestures one should prepare prior to the presentation

  1. Preparation
  2. Maximizing Technology
  3. Delivery Techniques
  4. Opening and Closing Techniques
  5. Principles of Persuasion
    • Application: Storyboard Creation and pair sharing
    • Program Closing

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