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WCFS 2022 Forum 2 | Living with Water: Solutions to Reduce and Mitigate Water-related Disasters

05 Dec
Virtual Events

Achieving water security remains to be a major longstanding challenge for the Philippines. The country has dealt with numerous water-related challenges including water pollution, water scarcity, and insufficient access to sanitation among others, as well as water hazards such as flood, drought, and storms. These threats continue to evolve and intensify due to aggravating factors like climate change, environmental degradation, and most recently the pandemic.

The ECCP reaffirms its commitment to work with the government to finally address the evolving water crisis in the country. As part of its sustainability-related advocacies, the Chamber has launched various initiatives focusing on the water sector with the main objective of raising awareness on the challenges and opportunities in the said sector. Among these initiatives is the Water Challenge Forum Series (WCFS).

Now on its sixth run, this year's WCFS will be a two-forum series that will occur in November and December. This virtual event will provide stakeholders and participants an opportunity to engage in a multi- and cross-sector dialogue relating to the need to address water challenges and water-related hazards.


"Living with Water: Solutions to Reduce and Mitigate Water-related Disasters"

Due to the country's geographical attributes as an archipelagic state and location at the typhoon belt, the Philippines is known to be prone to water-related disasters such as typhoons, floods, drought, among others. Climate change has also greatly affected the country leading to an increase in frequency and intensity of these hazards which has caused major setbacks in the country's economic growth.

According to GHD in their latest study entitled "Aquanomics", the Philippines is estimated to incur PhP7.01 trillion worth of losses from 2022 to 2050 due to water-related disasters with the country ranking 4th as the most affected country in the world for said disasters.

In the second and last installment of this year's Water Challenge Forum series, experts will discuss innovative and cost-effective solutions to effectively mitigate the impacts of water-related disasters. Join us as we discover ways to work with nature in addressing one of the country's most pressing concerns.

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