Introduction to the Art and Science of Data Analytics [Part 2]

08 Aug

Data analytics and data analysis are developing fields. Big data, prediction, AI, and modeling techniques are all buzzwords these days. It is the practice of systematically applying statistical and/or logical approaches to explain and demonstrate, condense and recap, and assess data.

To look into the qualifications of data analysts as well as the analytic tools that can be used by those in the profession, the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines will be hosting an e-learning session entitled "Introduction to the Art and Science of Data Analytics [Part 2]" on 14 July 2022 from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon; via Zoom. In the midst of a continual data explosion, there is a greater need to determine who is qualified to evaluate data correctly. This online session will go over the requirements for data analysts and analytic tools that can be used by those in the role.


  • To provide insights on what data analytics is and how companies are taking advantage of its application.
  • To explore the different applications of data analytics across different sectors of the country.
  • To identify companies who have actually designed and implemented data analytics in their business decision strategies.
  • To provide tools that participants can use in order to assess the status of their company in relation to the data analytics application

Program Outline:

The 3-hour session aims to discuss the following topics:

Data and Data Analytics

  • Data, Data Science, Data Analytics
  • Importance of Data Analytics
  • Five levels of data analysis
  • Types of Data analytics
  • Applications of Data Analytics in Different Sectors


  • Type of Data
  • Data Levels of Measurement
  • Data and Information, Data Science, Big data, Data Analytics, IoT, and AI
  • The learning pathways

Preparing for Data Analytics

  • Data Management Models
  • Big Data and Information Value Chain
  • Channel Data Management
  • Big Data Analytics Framework
  • Dimensions of Data Readiness
  • Assessing Data Analytics-System, Information, Service (SIS)
  • Data Analytics Readiness Tool (DART)

Question and Answer Portion

Mini-workshop-Assess own institution using DART and SIS (Google Form Ready)

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