Change Management Workshop

20 Jun

By definition, Change Management is a systematic strategy to cope with the transition or transformation of an organization's goals, processes, or technologies. The goal of change management is to put in place techniques for bringing about change, controlling it, and assisting people in adapting to it. To be effective, the change management process must analyze how a change or replacement will affect the organization's processes, systems, and workers. Overall, management change is a process that can make or break the unity and functions of a system. Hence, companies regard this matter as vital for their organization's success.

The ECCP Competency Hub, in partnership with Leaderwise Consulting, is organizing a four-hour e-learning session called the Change Management Workshop on June 20, 2022 from 8AM-12NN. This workshop will be facilitated by ECCP Member Leaderwise Consulting's Chief Learning Officer, Ms. Jo-Ann Vidal. This workshop aims to give a comprehensive overview of change management. This program specifically aims to manage change with agility and resilience; address and decrease anxiety that comes with change to fully concentrate on productivity and results; and be able to handle significant changes in the workplace.

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