Safeguarding Mental Health of Teams

12 May

According to recent research, 42% of global employees have experienced a decline in mental health since the pandemic began. What can managers do to support their team members during these trying times?

The webinar will talk about concrete actions on how to address mental health issues in your team to help managers and leaders improve mental health in the face of unprecedented uncertainty, including expressing their own vulnerability, modeling healthy behaviors, and building a culture of communication.

By the end of the session, attendees are expected to :

  1. Recognize the importance of mental health and how it impacts employees at work
  2. Uncover simple ways of safeguarding employee's mental health at work

Program Topics

1. Most Common Concerns of Employees in the Workplace

2. Mental Health Survey and Statistics in relation to Workplace

3. Practical Ways in Addressing Mental Health Issues

  • Recognizing Signs and Spotting the Red flags
  • Listening and Empathizing
  • Help Explore Options through the use of Powerful Questions
  • Leading by Example in Self Care Practices

4. Creating and Supporting Mental health Programs

5. Accountability and Command Responsibility of a Leader.

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