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Jobs in the Pandemic Era: Strategic Outsourcing Among Companies

22 Feb
Virtual Events

It is well-observed that the pandemic changed the hiring landscape. According to Lauren Smith (2021), the vice president of Gartner Research, some of these shifts are: (i) skills are quickly evolving, (ii) there is a dispersion of skills beyond the traditional talent pools, and (iii) candidates have new expectations when it comes to jobs. Although there are benefits to these changes, failure to accommodate these shifts will make it difficult for hiring managers to recruit top talent. In the local context, hiring managers are struggling with the faster turnaround with employees and sifting through half-hearted applicants. Trends like these give rise to the need for strategic hiring and rebranding of jobs.

Following recent developments in living and striving with the pandemic for more than 2 years, ECCP Cagayan de Oro/Northern Mindanao branch is organizing a webinar entitled "Jobs in the Pandemic Era: Strategic Outsourcing Among Companies" on 22 February 2022 from 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM featuring our event partner, ZMG Ward Howell. Our guest speaker for this event is Mr. Hans Voltaire Bayaborda, ZMG Ward Howell's Executive Director for Technology. This webinar aims to tackle the relevance of strategic hiring among companies given the shift of hiring landscape, best practices and also how these companies overcame the struggles of hiring brought about by this global crisis.

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