Introduction to Business and Technical Writing

03 Mar to 04 Mar

Developing the skills to become an effective technical writer takes a lifetime. It begins with a sound background in language and writing, a systematic approach to information, followed by years of practice. And yet very few can actually say with confidence that they are technical writers.


This introduction to technical writing provides the attendee with the very basic elements they should know about the craft: from understanding the complexities of technical writing to the writing process.

Because of its abbreviated design, this class is not a workshop where participants are given time to write. A longer, more involved process is required for that. However, to those who are already tasked with doing technical writing in their workplaces, this course provides them with a synthesis of what they already do and probably take for granted, and therefore bring clarity to their work.


  • Employees tasked with coming up with reports, and other technical documents;
  • Those who assess and approve technical papers;
  • Those who want to start a career in technical writing


  • INTRODUCTION: Language and Meaning
  • The Nature and Complexities of Technical Writing
  • Properties of Effective Technical Writing
  • Ethics of Technical Writing
  • The Considerations of Technical Writing
  • The Technical Writer and His Reader
  • The Importance of Research
  • Working with and Presenting Data
  • The Writing Process
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