Managing Transitional Stress in the Workplace

07 Feb

As restrictions are now gradually being lifted, organizations are switching to either full-time working on-site or setting-up hybrid work arrangements.

Adjusting to different types of work arrangements, trying to get back to normalcy, we have to know the possible effects on our mental well-being these will bring. Many employees are now well-adjusted working from their homes and we all know that it is stressful to suddenly re-adjust to your environment given that the pandemic is still lingering around. Because of this, employees may experience what we call "Transitional Stress"

What is Transitional Stress? How do we detect it and manage it? How can we help our employees and colleagues who are experiencing this?

Learning Objectives

At the end of this webinar, participants should be able to:

· Understand the nature of Transitional Stress and its consequences.

· Identify the red flags in embracing change.

· Display practical skills necessary in handling Transitional Stress and embracing change.

· Create practical work habits necessary in creating new beginnings.

Target Participants

· Business Owners

· HR Practitioners

· Managers

· Supervisors

· Department Heads

· Employees

· Mental Health Advocates

Webinar Outline

· The Transitional Stress: What is this and How to Handle it

· From Tolerating, Accepting, to Embracing Changes

· Rebuilding and Revitalizing Work Habits for New Beginnings

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