Situational Awareness For Everyone: Steering Clear of Danger

20 Jan

The impact brought by the novel coronavirus has been far reaching in every aspect of daily life. There is no better time to raise our level of awareness than the present, to help us ensure our safety, and security, as well as that of our loved ones.

This program intends to equip individuals with knowledge, and understanding that will enable them to mitigate any, and all risks to their respective safety and security, especially in the so-called "evolving normal".


By the end of the 2.5-3 hour program, the learners will be able to:

  1. Define situational awareness
  2. Enumerate the different levels of awareness, and how it impacts the individual's safety and security
  3. Apply the principles of situational awareness in mitigating all risks to one's safety and security


I. Opening and Introductions

II. Video

  • Learners will experience activating their situational awareness, and be able to assess their proficiency

III. What is Situational Awareness and its impact on me, and the people with and around me?

  • Safety and security
  • Threat, risk, and vulnerability

IV A. Cooper's Colors

  • Understanding the different awareness levels
  • Understanding the physiological effects on the human body
  • Managing physiological effects on the body

IV B. The OODA Loop

  • Orienting self on which awareness level to activate (what is a possible threat to safety and security)
  • Applications in safety, security, and self-defense

V. Application in personal security and safety (including biosafety)

  • Keeping secure online
  • Personal security and safety tactics outdoors, and indoors
  • Mitigating risk when traveling
  • Keeping your home safe and secure

VI. Closing

  • Action steps for safety and security outside, and at home

VII. Question and answer

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