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Teching up the Philippines: How GCash became a Lifeline to Filipinos during the Pandemic

07 Dec
Virtual Events

The proliferation of new technologies and innovations has significantly transformed business models and systems. Organizations have witnessed the growing importance of incorporating digital tools and utilizing their benefits to enhance the efficiency of their operations. While the digitization of the business landscape has become the norm, various financial technologies are being developed at a large scale and are being used on a daily basis.

According to the World Bank, 1.2 billion adults gained mobile money access in 2017. Furthermore, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) reports that digital platform revenues have reached $3.8 trillion globally in 2019. It is apparent that the digital revolution has resulted in economic shifts and dynamism, which may pose different opportunities and risks for the consumers of financial services. Developments within the financial technology industry can address these gaps, which in return can minimize costs and increase competency in a dynamic economy.

Adapting to this digital environment is crucial for businesses to which they can highly leverage financial technologies to improve workforce efficiency. In recent years, there has been major progress in terms of migrating from traditional banking to digital transactions. In particular, the optimization of innovative applications has proven to be valuable in the sphere of human resources management. Various digital platforms have emerged such as e-wallets to streamline payroll schemes across businesses.

This virtual forum will highlight how key innovations have transformed the workplace and business landscape in the Philippines, amid the pandemic and beyond. Harnessing the power of technology, hear from our guest thought leader as we feature the latest digital payroll solution, making disbursements secure and easy.

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