The 5S + 2S Process (with Files and Records Management)

11 Nov to 12 Nov

The 5S Plus 2S Process webinar is necessary in order to ensure compliance with customer service standards in relation to good housekeeping and files and records management. This program will familiarize the participants with the basic principles and requirements necessary to develop and sustain the overall good image of the company.

After the program, participants are expected to:

  • know the importance and benefits to be derived from properly and effectively implementing the 7S;
  • implement the best practices, including effective files and records management, in the workplace; and
  • improve their productivity and help enhance the company’s image by consistently practicing the 7S in the workplace.

Topics Covered:

  • The Goal
    • Eliminating Wastes in the Workplace
    • Typical Wastes in the Workplaces
  • What is 7S
    • Importance of 7S
    • Benefits of 7S
    • Misconceptions About the 7S Process
  • The 7S Process
    1. Seiri (Sort)
      • Definition / Description
      • Categorize
      • “Put Away” Rules
      • Red Flag Campaign
    2. Seiton (Systematize)
      • Definition / Description
      • Typical Problems in Finding Items
      • Systematize Practices
      • Files and Records Management
        • Files Management
          • Benefits of Files Management
          • Filing System
          • Steps in Files Management
          • Approaches in Filing
          • Simplified Filing System
          • Developing a Filing System
          • Tips for Effective Filing System
          • Requisites of a Good Filing System
          • Identifying Records Retention Period
          • Handling Electronic Files / Mail
        • Records Management
          • Records Life Cycle
          • Creating an Effective Records Management Program
          • Handing Sensitive Information
          • Benefits of Records Management
    3. Seiso (Shine)
      • Definition / Description
      • Approaches and Examples
      • Maintaining Cleanliness
      • Steps Toward Seiso
    4. Seiketsu (Standardize)
      • Definition / Description
      • Visual Control System
      • Sample Seiketsu Criteria
    5. Shitsuke (Self-Discipline)
      • Definition / Description
      • Maintaining the Process
      • Continuous Improvement
    6. Shikari (Safety)
      • Definition / Description
      • What Will Hurt You in the Workplace
      • Consequences if Shikari is not observed
      • How to Implement Shikari
      • Sample Shikari Criteria
    7. Seishin (Spirit)
      • Definition / Description
      • Seishin as a Culture
  • 7S Audit
  • Challenges During the Implementation of the 7S
  • Summary
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