S.P.E.A.K.: Effective Business Communication

05 Nov

The fluidity of the present business landscape requires adaptability, and agility in individuals, and among working groups. In this time where working from home has become common practice, it only emphasizes the need for effective communication in order to get things done. 


After the 3 hour program, the participants will be able to communicate in a more concise, concrete, and effective manner, specifically through the application of the SPEAK framework.  \

Topics Covered:

  • Centering and Introductions: WAYD Activity
  • Questions and Challenges we are facing
  • People we engage with (internal and external customers)
  • Discovering the impact and application of effective communication
    1. Mindset, purpose, and focus  
    2. Empathy and Context
    3. Visual Impact
    4. Vocal Impact
    5. Words and Delivery - C’s checklist
    6. SPEAK Checklist
      • Summary and Integration
      • Closing
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