Accelerate Your Results

26 Oct

By the end of the three-hour session, the participants will be able to realign with their overall goals, focus on key activities, and execute actionable plans that will accelerate results in their lives.


  1. Centering Activity
  2. Challenges in achieving results
  3. Norms and Objectives
  4. Results Activity
  5. Ready: Where to Start? (Activities and Discussion)
    1. Focus
    2. The challenge of being “busy”
    3. Challenges to achieving results
    4. Steps to Purpose Clarity
    5. Goals and Results
  6. Set: Organize (Activities and Discussion)
    1. Information and Measures
    2. Actions, Activities, and Timelines
    3. Execution Plan
      1. Personal
      2. Professional/Workplan
        1. Aligning with team members and colleagues
        2. Monitoring Results
    4. Summary and Integration Sharing
  7. Go: Closing Activity and Commitment
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