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WCF 2021 Series: Pathways for Water Security: Addressing the needs of the Water Sector in Visayas

31 Jan
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Development and sustainability go hand in hand. As Cebu faces rapid population growth and urbanization, access to clean water has become a concern. In 2019, the average water demand in Metro Cebu amounted to 500,000 cubic meters per day, albeit only producing 238,000 cubic meters daily. According to the World Health Organization, the resulting water shortages threaten efforts in curbing the pandemic and induce the transmission of harmful pathogens. Cebu also confronts crucial water challenges as demand is expected to be tripled by 2040, while water supply is likely to decrease due to several factors such as climate change. In this context, water security has become a perennial concern and an enormous challenge for growth and quality of living in the city.

Together with the National Economic Development Authority, ECCP in partnership with Metro Pacific Water, will now shed light on the challenges and opportunities in the water sector from the Visayasperspective. Join us as we elucidate urbanization and developments in the water sector of the Western and Central Visayas regions in this session entitled "Pathways for Water Security: Addressing the needs of the Water Sector in Visayas".

Furthermore, this virtual forum aims to tackle government initiatives for water security in the Visayas and explain the process and opportunities for water desalination as an alternative water resource supply.

With the theme "Building Partnerships to Achieve Water Security" the ECCP 2021 Water Challenge Forum Series aims to provide an avenue for discussions on collaborative efforts of the water sector stakeholders to support the Philippines with its water challenges and achieve the goal in ensuring and sustaining water resources for future generations.

To increase brand visibility, showcase best practices, and promote the shared advocacies of your organization in the Philippine water sector, sponsorship opportunities are available for all 2021 Water Challenge Forum Series sessions.

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