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Coping Strategies In Times of Uncertainty: A Guide for Educators, Students and Parents

21 Sep
Virtual Events

COVID-19 took a toll on the lives of individuals for almost two years now in all aspects: economically, mentally, socially, and financially to name a few. One of the most affected sectors is with the education/academe industry, having to close schools and canceling all face-to-face activities especially classes, compelling many institutions to immediately transition from face-to-face in-person learning to completely online lessons. The abrupt switch to fully online learning has been particularly stressful for many instructors and students who prefer in-person instruction, as online learning is often stigmatized as a weaker option that provides a lower quality education than in-person face-to-face learning (Hodges et al. 2020). On another note, it is not only the students and educators who struggle but the parents as well who also have to juggle work and parenthood given the additional tasks and assistance that students are needing and facing these days.

Coping Strategies in Times of Uncertainty: A Guide for Educators, Students, and Parents is a webinar that aims to discuss ways and coping strategies to address the stress of all involved with the crisis being faced by the academe sector, most particularly. This webinar will also tackle and bring up solutions to the educational system, schools, and learning facilities for ease of doing education despite the pandemic and how it has helped institutions overcome the barriers and struggles of online learning. This webinar will be held on September 21, 2021 from 10:30AM-12:00NN via Zoom, in partnership with one of our members in ECCP, Wela Online Corp. Our guest speaker for this event is Mr. Ian Cid S. Descallar, a Registered Nurse, a high school professor, and at the same time a Community-Based Rehabilitation Practitioner.

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