Data Privacy Compliance

September 19, 2018 News

DATA is now the world's most valuable resource, and businesses around the world are transforming themselves to take advantage of this phenomenon. Companies seeking to survive in this era of digital transformation have realized that in today's data­driven economy, privacy has become the proxy for trust. If they allow their customers' privacy to be breached, then trust in the business relationship is lost.

In order to strengthen and enhance trust relationships with business partners and customers, companies are beginning to view data privacy compliance as a strategic differentiator. Previously, management's goal was "zero defects". With the advent of customer cxpcricncc, the goal became "zero defections". Today, the goal is "zero brc achcs". Why "zero breaches"? Because companies are criminally liable if breaches happen.

What do you need to know?

be aware of one's obligations under the Data Privacy Act, and the consequences of non­compliance. 

understand what compliance looks like, and what needs to be done to get started on the journey towards compliance. 

learn new skills and techniques that are critical toward achieving data privacy compliance. 

Why will organizations have to attend workshops or invest into in­house training? 

Organizations become aware of the proper scope to achieve compliance. Under­scoping the compliance journey may lead to unnecessary risk and exposure. Over­scoping can lead to wasted time and resources. 

Avoid the consequences of non­compliance, which can include: becoming the subject of a random audit, being issued a compliance order, being ordered to pay damages, or being charged for a data privacy violation which may lead to jail terms and fines. 

What are the benefits if you attend? 

For C ­level executives, you will leam how to survive and thrive in the data­driven economy. 

For department heads and process owners, you will gain skills on how to conduct a privacy impact assessment and how to prevent, and prepare for, a breach of their processes. For data protection officers and compliance officers for privacy, you will get the foundation skills.

Under the Data Privacy Act, every data subject (all of us / our employees) has the right to reasonable access how our personal data being processed by personal information controllers or personal information processors. Other available rights include: (1) right to dispute the inaccuracy or error in the personal data; (2) right to request the suspension, withdrawal, blocking, removal or destruction of personal data; and (3) right to complain and be indemnified for any damages sustained due to inaccurate, incomplete, outdated, false, unlawfully obtained or unauthorized use of personal data. There is no doubt that private data handlers and Human Resource Managers become endangered species.

It is in this context that EITSC will run a detailed workshop "Maintaining Compliance with the Data Privacy Act ­ Strategies and Practical Solutions" to assist organizations / companies in the implementation of the Law and the IRR to avoid data breaches and the severe implications that come with data breaches... "criminal charges... ­ high monetary fines and long prison terms". This training is scheduled for Iloilo on 15 ­ 16 October 2018at Richmonde Hotel and I strongly recommend you attend.

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