Meeting Reports

Retirement & Healthcare Master Class 2014 - 5/6 November

November 12, 2014

European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines

Meeting Reports

The Retirement & Healthcare Coalition (RHC) successfully concluded its first master class last 5-6 November 2014 at Marriott Hotel, Manila, Philippines. The Retirement & Healthcare: Master Class 2014 (RH Master Class 2014) is the first international event in the Asia-Pacific to focus on trends, developments and opportunities in International Retirement Migration and Medical Tourism.

The RH Master Class 2014 effectively brought together top industry leaders and decision makers in the international and local level to capitalize and tap Asia’s growing silver market and medical tourism business. There were 140 delegates for both two days that participated to the master class coming from the healthcare, retirement, real estate, tourism, wellness and government sectors.

The master class commenced with our keynote speakers Asec. Benito Bengzon Jr. of the Department of Tourism on the Medical Tourism Master Class and General Manager Veredigno Atienza of the Philippine Retirement Authority on the International Retirement Migration Master Class. Our industry experts, Dr. David Vequist, Founder and Director of Center for Medical Tourism Research United States, Mr. Choe Lam Tan and Jack Tan, Founder and Directors of Jeta Garden Group Australia have extensively managed to provide the delegates a comprehensive learning program in medical tourism, silver tourism or retirement tourism, and development of international aged care facilities challenges and opportunities.

The RH Master Class 2014 was presented in partnership with the Department of Tourism and Philippine Retirement Authority together with its platinum sponsors The Medical City and Megaworld International.

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