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Departments Said To Require Suppliers to Sign Up With Private Anti-corruption Drive

April 15, 2011


THE DEPARTMENTS of Education (DepEd) and of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) will require bidders wanting to provide supplies and services to first sign up with a private sector anti-corruption drive, an official of the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (ECCP) said in a briefing on Wednesday.

In an effort to expand the coverage of the Siemens funded Integrity Initiative, launched in the country in 2009 by the ECCP and the Makati Business Club, the chamber has been encouraging state departments and agencies to support this campaign.  While
the drive now consists of pledges to oppose fraud in the conduct of business, it is envisioned to develop into an accreditation system.

"We have held discussions with the departments and although there have been no signatories to the pledge yet the, DepEd told us they will not accept deliveries from suppliers who have not signed the pledge. The DPWH also said its bidders should sign the pledge," ECCP Vice President for External Affairs Henry J. Schumacher said in the briefing.

Neither DepEd nor DPWH officials could be reached for comment.

"The project started out with the private sector but we realized the new government is running on an anti-corruption platform and it makes it easier to push our goals with the help of the government," said Mr Schumacher.

Some 475 companies and groups had signed up as of March 31, he said.

Source: Business World; The Economy; 14 April 2011

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