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Retirement Summit Slated

April 08, 2011

European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines

IN A BID to promote the country as a prime retirement haven, the Retirement and Healthcare Coalition (RHC) together with the Philippine Retirement Authority will hold the 1st Retirement Healthcare Summit on April 12 at the Dusit Thani Hotel in Makati City.

The RHC composed of the American, European, Japanese, and Korean chambers of commerce represents the Philippines target markets for its retirement industry.

To be attended by top executives from the country's retirement industry and international organizations, the summit aims to develop and implement a proactive Philippine road map and present business opportunities in key growth area within the industry.

The summit is expected by the RHC to also create alliances among hospitality health care and retirement companies in the country and abroad.

The RHC sees the Philippines as a provider of world-class medical care and wellness while having an excellent price performance ratio and an adequate infrastructure for travel.

The RHC projects the world's aging population to reach one billion by 2030 with 25 of them located in industrialized countries. It also noted the number of health workers in the United States, Europe, and Japan have been steadily declining.

 Industry experts attending the event include Burnsbridge SweetChairman Tony Bridge, Ashiana Housing Ltd vice president Atma Sharan, AMD Global Telemedicine Inc. President Steve Normadin, Home Healthcare managing director Dr. Mary Jean Guno, Philippine Retirement Authority General Manager Veredigno Atienza, and Follosco Morallos & Herce managing partner Virgilio Herce.

For more information, contact the ECCP at (+632) 8451324 and look for Chen Pilar or email


Source: Business World; Bulletins; 08 April 2011

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