Design Thinking Framework: Why This Should Be At The Core of Your Business

ECCP Conference Room, Makati

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Design Thinking is a proven problem-solving methodology that allows companies to find unmet needs and opportunities in order to create new solutions that matter to their customers. It's one of the most powerful innovation frameworks for helping your company stay ahead of the competition, and creating human-centered solutions which will change the way your company unfolds its customer experience.

Organizations from all over the world apply the Design Thinking Framework against the company's greatest challenges in terms of growth, strategy, client process, or employee performance.

What are your current struggles with your stakeholders? Are you having a hard time sustaining partnerships? Why are your objectives unmet? What makes your clients dissatisfied? Join us this Thursday, 5 October 2017, as we discover ways you can improve your systems and deliver according to the needs of your stakeholders.

Session Objectives:

  • Understand Design Thinking and its value to your company's current bottlenecks
  • Integrate the framework into your own organizational development
  • Learn Design Thinking by doing one full iteration workshop of the framework

Who Should Attend:

  • Senior to mid-level managers
  • Marketing heads
  • HR practitioners
  • Startup founders


Phil Smithson hails from the UK and holds a first class honours degree in Software Engineering. He is the Director of the On-Off Group, and has been helping companies globally design experiences for over 10 years.


ECCP Members: 1 complimentary pass
*One representative only. Php 500/each for additional head Non-Members: Php 800
Walk -ins: Php 1,000

Maximum of 25 slots on a first come first served basis. Snacks will be served.
 Registration closes on Monday, 2 October 2017, or as soon as slots are filled.

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