Powering Health: A Forum on the Health Benefits of Renewable Energy

Oakwood Premier Joy-Nostalg Center, Nostalg Ballroom

Membership Meeting & Forum


Today, there is a growing movement that calls for a global shift to renewable energy, which is seen as the much-needed alternative to coal and other fossil fuels in order to address the issue of climate change. The environmental case for cleaner renewable energy options has already been made, while market forces are beginning to provide the economic conditions that will help boost its widespread adoption, albeit in a slow fashion. One study from Stanford University even projected that the world can be fully powered by wind, water, and solar (WWS) power by 2030.

There is another argument, however, that still remains to be tapped by renewable energy advocates. Renewable energy is also known to bring about enormous health benefits as a result of both reductions in the burning of fossil fuels as well as promotion of alternative energy sources. One recent study from Harvard University has demonstrated enormous health costs being avoided by employing low-carbon energy options. Clearly, the health argument can be used alongside environmental and economic concerns in advocating for the much-needed renewable energy transition.

Because of the enormous amount of health evidence that has been generated in the past decades, the global health community already called for cutting our global addiction to coal and other fossil fuels and for shifting to healthy renewable energy. Organizations such as the World Federation of Public Health and the British Medical Association, as well as the 2015 Report of the Lancet Commission on Health and Climate have been pushing for fossil fuel divestment and promotion of renewable energy. Health Care Without Harm, an international environment and health organization, also launched the Healthy Energy Initiative to lead in mobilizing the global health sector to advocate for shifting to renewable energy.


The objective of the forum is to familiarize players in the renewable energy field about the health arguments and evidence surrounding renewable energy. It is hoped that participants will use this new knowledge to push for policies and programs that promote renewable energy as well as encourage consumers and other sectors to adopt renewable energy as the energy of choice. Furthermore, the forum will allow energy players to begin considering health aspects in energy policy-making, planning, decision-making, and implementation.

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