Technology Briefing: Smart Solutions For Energy Management of Urban Facilities

Energy Smart Philippines, SMX Convention Center

Membership Meeting & Forum

Course Description: 

The purpose of the conference is to advance the participant’s understanding of the existing and new tools, technology and processes for Energy Management. This two-hour course will introduce owners, developers and managers to the DeltaDore approach in Energy Management and Building Automation.


Martin Ruby, General Manager at DeltaDore Inc., will provide a large insight on Energy Management Project in commercial, residential and industrial buildings. The participant will learn how Energy Management can be used to reduce their OPEX cost through examination of past projects as well as theoretical clarification. A specific focus will be on the advantage of Building Management Systems for multisite management such as supermarkets and data centers. The conference will feature case study presentations, customer testimonials and dedicated time for Q&A.


Target Participants:


  • Real Estate developers
  • Hotel managers/owners
  • Hospital managers/owners
  • Mall managers/ owners
  • Multi sites facilities managers
  • Industrial group managers
  • Retails groups
  • Consulting Engineers