1st Mindanao Energy Efficiency Forum Enhancing Competitiveness Through Energy Efficiency

Marco Polo Davao, Philippines

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Energy efficiency is proving to be a key strategy for increasing business competitiveness not only in terms of improving the operational bottom line but also in terms of the added value created for the company as it promotes corporate social responsibility. Through energy efficient operations companies are able to reduce costs significantly thus making companies more competitive. Moreover, energy efficiency allows reduced use of energy resources thus eases the impact of operations on the planet (environment) and people.

With the Philippines still unable to fully secure the country’s energy supply and with the business climate unable to attract adequate investments in energy, energy conservation and energy efficiency plays an important role in achieving a balance in supply and demand of energy

It is with this perspective that the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (ECCP) is organizing the 1st Mindanao Energy Efficiency Forum on 23 July 2013 (Marco Polo Davao). The Forum is envisioned to be an annual event to promote closer cooperation among industry associations, business organizations, government agencies, international organizations and major industry players in the energy sector as well as other stakeholders in Philippine business. It also aims to bridge the gap between industry and consumers on available technology in support of energy efficiency.

At the 1st MEEF, the Energy SMART Program will be launched. This program will assist companies to effectively implement their respective energy efficiency programs through energy management tools and methodologies, technical know-how, state of the art technologies, etc. A recognition scheme is envisioned to honor participating enterprises that are able to achieve certain levels of energy savings

Objectives and unique characteristics of MEEF 2013:

The main objectives of MEEF 2013 are:

  • To convene key decision makers and business leaders from the energy, commercial and industrial sectors and enlist top management commitment to implement energy efficiency programs at the enterprise level.
  • To build strategic alliances among business, government, international donor organizations, environmental organizations and other public interest groups in the Philippines and set a common climate action agenda in reducing carbon footprint through energy efficiency.

    MEEF focuses solely on energy efficiency from the business perspective of enterprises in the utilities, buildings, commercial, industrial, and transport/ logistics sectors and provides participants with the opportunity to learn/share state of the art and cutting edge technologies and best practices in energy efficiency. As it is a gathering of the best minds in the field, the event also provides the opportunity for networking and forging business partnerships among participants.
  •  Benefits of Energy Efficiency Key Attendees
    1. Energy efficiency addresses the triple bottom line of sustainable development, resulting into economic, environmental and social co-benefits
    2. It is a key and cost-effective solution to climate change mitigation/ adaptation, energy security, competitiveness and economic sustainability
    3. It considers the problem of escalating prices of fossil fuel and the growing pressure for global action on climate change; and
    4. Helps reduce the cost of operations leading to increase global competitiveness of industries
    • Appliance, electronic & equipment manufacturers
    • Building manufacturers & suppliers
    • Suppliers & developers of energy-efficient technologies
    • Electricity, Gas, Oil and other fuel suppliers
    • Infrastructure, alternative fuels and service suppliers
    • Government agencies
    • Academic institutions
    • Industry and environmental associations
    • Vehicle and equipment manufacturers
    • Financial institutions
    • Foreign embassies
    • Business and trade organizations


Technology Showcase Technical Briefing Sessions
 Leading companies and solutions providers exhibit their products and services.  Companies that exhibit have the opportunity to present technical sessions to those who visit the exhibition. These technical briefing sessions are open to all and participation is free of charge.

Program Highlights
Plenary Session topics

Session 1: Public-private perspective on Energy Efficiency

  • Overview of the Efficiency situation of Power/ Transmission/ Distribution Systems
  • Government Policy & Incentives on Energy Efficiency
  • Sustainable Energy Finance
  • Private Sector Initiative through Energy Smart Program

Session 2: Energy Management Technologies and Opportunities

  •  Energy Efficient Cost Centers: Lighting, Motors and Drives, HVAC Systems

Session 3: Energy Efficiency in the Industrial/ Commercial/ Public Sectors

  • Energy Efficiency in Buildings (Energy Efficient Lighting Systems, HVAC Systems)
  • Energy Efficiency in Industries (Thermal Energy Efficiency, Energy Efficient Production Facilities, Energy Efficiency of Consumer Electric Products)

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